RurAL CAP to renovate Park Street multiplex

A dilapidated multiplex on the corner of North Park Street and Parsons Avenue is headed for repair and new renters.

The 7,200-square-foot building, constructed in 1972, includes nine units of varying sizes. It was acquired by the Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc., and supportive housing director Corrine O’Neill said the nonprofit planned on renovating it before renting it out again.

It was in bad shape, she said.

There were squatters and a pervasive bedbug problem. After RurAL CAP cleans the building and completes other upgrades, O’Neill said the units would be rented at HUD-mandated affordable housing rates. It won’t be subsidized, she said.

O’Neill outlined the plans for the building at Monday’s Mountain View Community Council meeting. Municipal land records assess the property’s value at $558,600.


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