New art project coming to Gardens at Bragaw

One of Mountain View’s several neighborhood gardens is about to become a little brighter.

Nearly two dozen artists from The Arc of Anchorage are working to create mosaic stepping stones for the Gardens at Bragaw. Wednesday, several members of an afternoon art class worked on the project in The Arc’s downtown studio space, placing colorful pieces of glass in ceramic molds and meticulously scrubbing dirt off the surface of finished stones.

The project was spearheaded by the Anchorage Community Land Trust, and organizer Radhika Krishna said they hoped to begin placing the mosaic stones at the garden next week. She said the land trust had been looking to partner with The Arc’s art program for months. The Anchorage Rotary provided grant funding for the project, and each artist will receive a small stipend for their work on the mosaic stones.

“We’ve had these artists who’ve been working in the art program and making art for years,” said Lacie Stiewing, an art program team leader for The Arc. “I think it’s good working in these different mediums and actually doing work and getting paid for it.”

The Arc hosts more than 10 different art classes weekly and runs a gallery and shop from its new studio at 425 D St. The Gardens at Bragaw are located at the corner of Bragaw Street and East 4th Avenue.

Mariah, an artist with The Arc, works to complete a mosaic stepping stone June 18.

Mariah, an artist with The Arc, works to complete a mosaic stepping stone June 18.


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