New flavors pop up in Mountain View

There’s a new lunch option along Mountain View Dr. — homemade Dominican food from Nina’s in a Box.

The menu’s most popular dishes include sautéed chicken and pan-fried beef with onions, and the spicy, sweet smells drift out onto the sidewalk as you pass by. Owner Deany Santana said the food cart has seen a steady increase in customers since it first opened several months ago. Many people come looking specifically for Dominican food, she said. There aren’t many other places in town.

After recently finding someone to help run the stand, Santana said Nina’s has been able to stick to more regular hours. Now, she said it’s open Monday through Saturday from noon until 7 p.m, or until it sells out.

“If we sell out, we pack up and go,” Santana said.

Open since 2010, she said the stand was located at the Northway Mall until last year. She said business was good, but the lack of electricity for the stand in the parking lot kept things complicated. Then Santana said she was approached by the Anchorage Community Land Trust, the neighborhood nonprofit that owns the gravel lot on Mountain View Dr. between North Flower and North Klevin Street.

Besides more parking and a better layout, the lot has power — the food stand’s owner said moving there wasn’t a difficult choice.

So, Santana hitched the stand to the back of her car and towed it up Airport Heights Dr. to its new home in Mountain View.

“People have responded really well,” she said.

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