There’s a new neighborhood watch in town

Mountain View’s second official neighborhood watch group has formed on N. Pine Street, with residents awaiting their street’s new signage later this spring. 

A neighborhood watch sign on N. Bunn St.

The group is organized by Beverly Blackbear, who’s lived on the road for about 14 years and said the neighborhood watch program is a natural fit.

“Everyone looks out for each other,” she said. “We always have.”

Forming a group under the Anchorage Police Department’s neighborhood watch program involves designating a neighborhood patrol area, scheduling a meeting with an APD officer and getting at least half of the residents in the watch area to show up. Group members receive official neighborhood watch window decals and the municipality installs a new neighborhood watch sign on the street.

According to APD, the neighborhood watch program aims to cut back on property crime through increased awareness and communication. Blackbear said she’s been trying to organize a group for years, but it was difficult to get half the street’s residents involved.

Now, the six homes on the south end of  N. Pine Street join a block on N. Bunn Street as one of two organized neighborhood watch groups in Mountain View.

For more information on starting a neighborhood watch, click here.

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  1. This is grassroots crime prevention. If done correctly A residential area will be identified as a contiguous area of residences. Every crime prevention effort is worth your time, but you really need more than half.A “neighborhood” is called onto (1) meet amongst themselves and discuss issues in the neighborhood asking the police to provide calls for service and information as to criminal activity; (2) citizens should them photograph, inventory and Mark their personal property going to prescribe way; (3) have a physical security survey conducted by a crime prevention specialist or a police officer that’s been trained in performing the task giving written recommendations-if the cytisine in the neighborhood is leasing or renting then the recommendations can also be forwarded to the landlord. The survey also includes basic fire prevention tips. If the citizen is contemplating an alarm system of some sort that a crime prevention specialist while not being able to recommend any particular company should be able to provide a suggestion as to which proposal would serve the Citizen the best; (4) these neighborhood crime watch citizens shouldn’t receive some training in how to recognize a report suspicious or criminal activity, create a phone tree and communicate amongst themselves as to when they go on vacation, What they have observed and other things. Progressive dinners, block parties and such are important. This is not a new thing, but is something that draws neighborhoods together in a positive way. The problem is is that all programs are not equal and if the program does not include what is listed above it will be less effective. The effective programs receive true support from their local police. The neighborhood crime watch effort varies nationwide and his misunderstood by many. The shooting in Florida by Mr. Zimmerman is an example of that misunderstanding by the media. Neighborhood watch efforts are what the citizens and the local policewant them to be. Design by the national sheriffs Association in the early 70s it involves the elements discussed above. If it does not, then it’s just another sign on the street. Congratulations to these neighbors and especially the organizer-good for them.


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