Mountain View’s pho illusion

There’s no pho in Mountain View.

While a prominent sign on the side of Mountain View Drive heralds the opening of Alaska Pho, and you may have heard mention of the eatery in a slew of recent neighborhood restaurant reviews, just pull into the parking lot and you’ll discover the truth. The Alaska Pho Restaurant has been closed for about a year.

Now, the building is home to a Samoan congregation.


When it was open, the pho restaurant belonged to local businessman Sommith Khamleu, who still owns the property and several other Mountain View Drive commercial addresses along with his brother, Khamkeo Khamleu, according to municipal property records.

The brothers are serial entrepreneurs. Over the years, they’ve opened a home health care service, a delivery business, a gambling business and various restaurants and markets — all based in Mountain View. They still remain active in the neighborhood. These days, Khamkeo Khamleu owns and operates Mekong Restaurant, a Polynesian eatery at the corner of Mountain View Drive and N. Klevin Street. 

Meanwhile, a block away, the sign remains but Alaska Pho is no more.

The sign remains, but the Alaska Pho Restaurant is long gone.

The sign remains, but the Alaska Pho Restaurant closed about a year ago.




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