For future roundabout, a few new designs

After an initial concept was met with a resolution of opposition from the Mountain View Community Council, designers have created three new ideas for a neighborhood gateway on Mountain View Drive.

The gateway would be built on a roundabout planned for the intersection of Mountain View Drive and McCarrey Street. While the project isn’t due for construction until next year, engineers and the community council are looking for input on the three new design concepts.

Here they are.


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  1. The vertical panels design is most attractive to me. I wish the “people” one was also in color so we’d have an idea of what it would look like – I assume they wouldn’t be black and grey… but I think even then, I’d like the panels better.

  2. I agree with Phil, the vertical panels appeal most to me. When are we going to get together and build these things? Or is it the plan of our elected officials to take the money from our neighbors to pay for our signs?


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