Ain’t no stranger to this neck of the woods

In Memphis, they called him Bee-Bop because he loves music.

Paul Gollner played a secondhand Stratocaster on Beale Street and slept under the stars in Germantown. He lived in Tennessee for years, he says. He spent about three decades traveling through every state in the country, got married and divorced a few times, did “a little of this and a little of that.” 

Paul Gollner, 45

His favorite place was Cincinnati; he hated Daytona Beach.

Then about two years ago, he moved back to Anchorage. He has family here, he says, and his mother needed him. She lives in Mountain View, so now Paul buys his beer at the corner Brown Jug and says he sometimes stays in a tent in Davis Park. He floats around, he says. 

He’s used to life on the street, and now he’s home.

“I ain’t no stranger to this neck of the woods,” he says. “I ain’t no stranger.”

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