The last man on patrol

There’s only one man left on the Mountain View Community Patrol.

For years, Bob Lincoln and Glen Gionson volunteered their evenings to drive the neighborhood in donated patrol cars, keeping an eye out for trouble and giving a hand to neighbors in need. Lincoln, who raised his family in Mountain View, said he hoped the patrol could help keep it safe enough for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren to ride their bikes around the neighborhood. Then Gionson retired. 

The announcement came at the beginning of the Mountain View Community Council meeting August 10. To save money on insurance, the council agreed to sell off the little patrol car Gionson once drove. Now, it’s just Lincoln, who says he’s going to try to make it work for at least another year; despite his bad knee; despite the fact he’s all alone.

“Me, myself and I – we’re gonna stick it out,” he said.

That’s what he told himself last year, too.

For more information on community patrols in Anchorage, click here

Bob Lincoln patrolling Mountain View in April, 2014.

Bob Lincoln patrolling Mountain View in April, 2014.

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