5 things to know about the plan for Davis Park

Following months of meetings, presentations and public open houses, a master plan for future development at Davis Park has taken shape.

Municipal park planner Steve Rafuse presented it to the Mountain View Community Council at its meeting Monday night. The council passed a resolution of support for the master plan, which must ultimately receive approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission. There’s been no shortage of public involvement in the process: Rafuse has attended so many council meetings he’s nearly eligible to hold an office, some people joked. 

Here are a few things to know about the long-range plan for Mountain View’s biggest park.

1) There’s room for a boulder climbing area, a skate park and a bike park.

2) The nine-hole disc golf course around the perimeter of the rugby pitch could be built as soon as next summer, Rafuse said.

3) The plan aims to preserve the existing forest and walking paths.

4) The plan also calls for new amenities like restrooms, additional parking and room for the summer farmer’s market.

5) The developments all depend on funding. Volunteer efforts could help with some of the smaller improvements, Rafuse said.  

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