Summer cleanup comes to an end

A business-backed neighborhood cleanup initiative has removed more than five tons of trash from Mountain View’s main thoroughfare.

Every day during the months of July, August and September, maintenance crews from the Anchorage Downtown Partnership cleaned Mountain View Drive and Commercial Drive — sweeping, washing, picking up trash and responding to calls from local businesses. The project was funded by nearly $20,000 from the Mountain View Business Roundtable. It came to an end Oct. 1. 

Here are the final tallies, according to ADP.

  • 13 dumps/camps removed
  • 41 pieces of graffiti removed
  • 20 “panhandler issues”
  • 39 public intoxication issues
  • 5.5 tons of garbage removed
  • 87 stickers/posters removed

Radhika Krishna, community development manager with the Anchorage Community Land Trust, said ACLT plans on working with local businesses to continue the cleanup initiative this coming spring.


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