What’s going on with Mountain View’s new health clinic?

A year after Alaska Regional Hospital announced plans for a new neighborhood health clinic on Mountain View Drive, construction has yet to begin — but administrators say the project is still moving forward. 

If all goes according to plan, the clinic will open in a space owned by the Anchorage Community Land Trust; a former pawn shop adjacent a suite of art studios across the street from Clark Middle School. Hospital executives originally said they expected open the clinic by the end of 2015, but lease negotiations and necessary renovations delayed the process by months, according to ACLT Executive Director Kirk Rose. As of March 23, the lease had yet to be signed.

Once the lease is finalized, clinic construction should take a few months, “assuming permits are expedited, etc,” hospital CEO Julie Taylor wrote in an email. 

“Our goal is to have it open by July,” Taylor said. 

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