On Price Street, washing cars with police 

Anchorage police officers and neighborhood kids and teens worked side by side Thursday, scrubbing windows and wheels during a car wash fundraiser for the Mountain View Boys & Girls Club. 

For several hours, Price Street filled with squad cars, people and buckets of soapy water. A few blocks away, girls waved handmade signs on the street corner. Go to the car wash, they say. Straight ahead. $10.

“It helps programs to keep going on,” says 9-year-old Ophelia.

“We wanted to make some money for our BGC,” says her twin sister, Olivia.

“Actually, police aren’t supposed to wash cars. That’s the thing that’s funny.”

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  1. Wonderfully good news coming out of Mt. View. It seems like a good use of police time also, community out reach. With all the bad press police officers have been getting recently, its nice to see a press vehicle revealing what national outlets and their surrogates (yes that means the likes of ADN) keep so well hidden, namely that police officers are human too. Good Job Officers and whoever set the whole thing up.


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