A cafe for Mountain View

With the addition of a new espresso machine and expanded morning hours, Eva’s Cupcakery is now a full-fledged coffee shop, complete with seating and cozy lighting — the only place of its kind in Mountain View.


“Dreams do come true,” said owner Eva Perry.

It was early Friday morning. The shop was illuminated with Christmas lights, and a handful of customers stood behind the counter. Fresh cupcakes filled the countertop cases. The new espresso machine hissed. To buy it, Perry worked with the Anchorage Community Land Trust, becoming the first participant in a neighborhood microloan program pioneered this year.

The original funding came from Wells Fargo, said Emily Cohn, ACLT communications and development manager. She said the Land Trust plans on disbursing $5,000 capital loans to established Mountain View businesses, working with two or three more in 2017. There are no other programs like this in Anchorage, Cohn said.

“We’ve had to sort of create it from scratch,” she said.

Just like Perry’s cupcakes. It’s been nearly five years since she opened her shop in Glenn Square, and several months since she started seriously considering expansion. When the opportunity presented itself, she was ready.

“Timing is everything,” Perry said.

Eva’s Cupcakery opens at 7 a.m. Tuesday-Saturday. 


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