Community council seeks neighborhood cleanup ideas and volunteers

Faced with scant resources and a shrinking volunteer force, the annual Mountain View Neighborhood Cleanup is moving forward. The date? The last week in April, 2017. The other details? TBA.

In years past, the event has followed a similar pattern. For a week, volunteers staffed a lot filled with dumpsters where residents could dispose of everything from old couches to broken washing machines. For one day, volunteers ran a door-to-door pickup service, hauling away all the junk that didn’t make it to the dumpsters. In 2014, the whole cleanup removed around 200 tons of refuse, according to event organizers.

Then the lot once used for the cleanup was developed into a row of new homes. State grant funding evaporated. Longtime event organizers retired. After a call for help at the December Mountain View Community Council meeting, two residents signed up as new volunteers.

Council members discussed ways to boost neighborhood participation — maybe through a trash-collecting competition, or an appeal to neighborhood youth. With months left to plan, the council is asking for ideas, and the people to make it happen.

“Everything’s on the table,” said Radhika Krishna, MVCC treasurer. “Tell us what you want to see.”

“I think this is the year where we can do something really, really cool, and get the community excited about a community cleanup that really involves residents.”


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