New gym plans Mountain View debut

At the industrial west end of Mountain View, a former soldier is making plans to transform a vacant warehouse into the neighborhood’s first sports arena – complete with indoor turf, a gym and a UFC-style octagon.

Jeffrey Embry introduced his idea at the June Mountain View Community Council meeting. The chosen location for the AK Warrior Arena is a 10,000 square foot property on Rampart Drive, he said. Inside, he plans on installing a batting tunnel, a pitching mound and space for players to come practice baseball and softball. Kids and adults could learn martial arts in a regulation-size UFC octagon.

“To my knowledge, I don’t think we have one here in Anchorage,” Embry said.

He and business partner Grant Johnston filed articles of organization with the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development in May, state records show.

Embry said he’s found an institution to help with financing and a construction company to help with the build. There’s still no final timeline for opening. Eventually, Embry said, he plans on hosting community movie nights and free baseball camps for kids in the neighborhood.

The plan has received unofficial support from the local community council and Anchorage Assemblyman Christopher Constant, who worked with Embry during his recent campaign for office. Constant was enthusiastic about the new development in his district.

“I’m super excited: Alaska has very limited opportunities for baseball, and the property seems perfect for it,” the Mountain View Assemblyman said. “This is actually kind of a missing link — it’s a perfect fit for the neighborhood.”

Eventually, Embry said, he plans to expand the arena into an even larger facility. 

“And I want to do all that in Mountain View,” he said. “This is only a stepping stone.”

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