Neighbors push for Price Street stop signs, speed bumps

Throughout Mountain View, cars and trucks and other vehicles often share the streets with kids on foot and bike and scooters.

Sometimes they collide.

Concerned by the close calls and occasional crashes, a group of neighborhood parents are petitioning for more stop signs and speed bumps throughout Mountain View – especially along busy stretches near the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club.

“I want to see if we can make this two-way stop here into a four-way stop, so that people have to stop at Richmond and Price,” said Kate Cannon, who lives nearby with her family. “I’ve been wanting to do stuff for a long time, because I sit and I watch the kids in the intersection and kids playing in the street, and the kids across the street from my house give me a heart attack like, 10 times a day, because I watch them run across the street and people aren’t paying attention.”

Standing in the hospital with a neighboring family after their child was hit a few weeks ago, Cannon got on her phone and sent an email to a member of the Mountain View Community Council to see what could be done, she said. She started an online petition. She’s planning on asking for help with the problem at the Aug. 14 community council meeting, and she’s looking for neighbors to join her at the meeting and share their concerns along with her.

“We’re trying to do as much as we can,” Cannon said.

With help from her neighbors, the Municipality of Anchorage and possibly even the State of Alaska, she said, maybe things could change for the better.

The August community council meeting is scheduled to take place at the Mountain View Community Center, 315 Price St., on Aug. 14 at 7 p.m.

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