Voting by mail in Mountain View

A local nonprofit is gathering volunteers for a Saturday walk through Mountain View to spread the word about voting in the upcoming municipal election.

The neighborhood canvass, led by The Alaska Center, is scheduled to take place 2 – 5 p.m. March 3, beginning at the Anchorage Community Land Trust office at 161 Klevin St. From there, volunteers will hit the streets, armed with information about the municipality’s first-ever vote-by-mail election.

This is how it works: Instead of casting ballots at their usual polling places, registered voters will receive a ballot by mail approximately three weeks before election day. Marked ballots can be returned by mail, or delivered to a secure drop box or Accessible Vote Center. In Mountain View, the secure drop box is located at Clark Middle School, and the nearest Accessible Vote Centers are at City Hall and the municipal election center at 619 East Ship Creek Avenue, Suite 100.

Voting by mail has successfully increased voter turnout in dozens of other communities, according to the Municipality. In 2017, less than seven percent of Mountain View voters participated in the municipal election, election results show.

The deadline to register to vote in the April election is March 4, according to the Municipal Clerk’s Office. Click here to register online.

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