Craft brewery plans Mountain View tasting room

A five-barrel craft brewery hopes to become the latest business to open its doors in Mountain View.

Brandon Hall, owner of Chugach Brewing Company, explained his plans at a community council meeting Monday night alongside his business partner, Christopher Castaneda. The company has filed an application with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, he said, and hopes to open a small brewery and tasting room on Mountain View Drive.

“I just think the north side of town needs beer love,” Hall said.

In some ways, alcohol remains a persistent issue in the neighborhood. The Mountain View Community Council continues to address conditional use permits for several local liquor stores. At the beginning of Monday’s meeting, Rep. Geran Tarr touted the recent passage of legislation increasing the mandatory buffer zone between alcohol establishments and schools — legislation prompted by complaints from students at Clark Middle School.

But there was no public opposition to the Chugach Brewing Company announcement Monday evening.

The brewery would close at 8 p.m., Hall said, and enforce a 36-ounce tasting limit. He said the craft beer culture would reinforce the concept of “appreciation over inebriation.”

“There’s actually more to this than the alcohol,” Hall said.

Daniel George, president of the Mountain View Community Council, said the project would need a conditional use permit from the municipality. Hall said the company had secured a lease, as required by law, and was applying for the permits necessary to set up shop.

The building — a strip mall overlooking Glenn Square — is sandwiched between the expansive new Special Olympics center and a McDonald’s. Hall said he hoped the Chugach brewery could become a valuable addition to a neighborhood on the rise.

“What’s really cool about having a brewery is that we can host all the events that we’d like other people to have,” he said.

Hall said he wanted part of the brewery to become a gallery featuring revolving local artists and First Friday exhibits. According to a handout distributed to council members, the company planned to host monthly community and fundraising events to benefit “local schools and charities that impact the community of Mountain View.”

If all goes well, he said, they’d like to open as soon as August.

Don Crandall, former community council president, had one final question for the duo from the brewing company before they ceded the floor Monday night.

“Can we have a council meeting there?” Crandall asked.

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