After name change, brewery proceeds with Mountain View plans

Chugach Brewing Company is a thing of the past, but Brandon Hall is still moving forward with plans to open his beer business in a strip mall on Mountain View Drive.

Hall’s craft brewery now goes by the name Resolution Brewing Company; dubbed after the ship in which Capt. James Cook once explored Alaska waters. The proposal to open a five-barrel brewery and tasting room alongside a dental office and a sandwich shop met no opposition from the Mountain View Community Council last month, and the company is in the process of obtaining the permits necessary to go into business.

Hall said construction on the Mountain View Drive location is set to begin soon, pending final work by a structural engineer. Given the lengthy permitting process, the brewery’s owner said it hopes to open by this fall.

In the meantime, Hall said, the company is preparing to unveil the details of its forthcoming growler club — “The Uprising.”

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  1. Looking forward to sampling Mr. Hall’s wares. Too bad that lengthy permitting process is causing a Delay of Game. The city should be penalized 15 yards for the personal foul.


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