New turf installed at Lions Park ball fields

The grass is getting a little greener on the other side of the fence at the Davis Park ball fields.

Turf truck

Recycled turf sits ready to be installed at the Davis Park ball fields, June 9.

A resurfacing project is replacing the old, rock-riddled field with smooth, recycled turf. Monday, workers began laying down the new grass in long strips, and several container trucks and a flatbed loaded with rolls of turf sat in the parking lot. It’s a project years in the making.

Beth Nordlund, executive director at the Anchorage Park Foundation, said the foundation hoped to see the new turf go in last year. The installation was sidelined by heavy rains, though, and the project was pushed back.

“It was just a monsoon out there,” Nordlund said.

Now, the project has begun again and the new field should see plenty of use. During the summer, the ball fields are home to Polar Little League and hundreds of young players. They’re also used by a rugby team and countless impromptu games of kickball. Nordlund said the little league players have been waiting patiently for the new field, and are set to become the only team in town with infield turf.

“It’s Mountain View, so they have the hardest time coming up with money for the things they need,” said the park foundation director. “This is going to be really cool.”

TurfThe turf project, which received widespread community support, is funded by grants from the state, the American Legion and the Anchorage Parks Foundation. Mountain View Lions Club, Anchorage Urban League, the Foraker Group and others supported the project, and Nordlund said the park foundation is also replacing the ball field’s fences and dugout.

It’s not the only park upgrade happening in the Mountain View area. Across the Glenn Highway, in the neighborhood informally known as South Mountain View, Nordlund said the Anchorage Park Foundation is preparing to begin work on a new, fully accessible playground at Dave Rose Park. Both children and adults with mobility issues will be able to use every part of the aviation-themed playground, Nordlund said, and it could be completed by the end of the summer.



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