Mountain View bus service sees few schedule changes

It’s been more than two weeks since Anchorage’s bus system implemented new schedule changes: Mountain View’s main route remains largely unchanged.

Route 45, which makes multiple stops throughout the neighborhood while traveling to and from the Downtown Transit Center and the Alaska Native Medical Center, is the most heavily traveled route in Anchorage. On average, the Public Transportation Department estimates the 45 bus serves about 2,500 passengers every day.

Beside route 45, Mountain View riders have one other option — a trip on route 8 to Muldoon and a transfer to another line.

Over past years, multiple studies and reports have recommended expanding route 45 and increasing schedule frequency. Some Mountain View residents surveyed for a new neighborhood development plan requested later hours. At the Mountain View Job Center, Nine Star employees say the current limited route proves to be a problem for many people looking to find a job.

“That happens to be the downfall,” said site coordinator Sharon Pulou. “That is the one route in and out.”

What do you think about Mountain View’s bus service? What changes would you like to see?

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