University plans Mountain View bike tour

In honor of the city’s centennial celebration, the University of Alaska Anchorage is hosting a series of neighborhood tours — including a bike ride through Mountain View August 16.

The school’s Center for Community Engagement & Learning is working to put together a participatory Anchorage Community Atlas, incorporating written excerpts from residents, hand-drawn maps and interviews. It’s a way to share the history behind some of Anchorage’s oldest neighborhoods. Bree Kessler, an assistant professor of health sciences at UAA, said the community tours are a first for the university.

“The hope of the tour is that we want to learn more about each neighborhood from people who live there,” Kessler wrote in an email.

The Mountain View bike tour will be led by longtime resident Clark Yerrington, Kessler said. Other scheduled events include tours of Fairview, Spenard and Government Hill by foot rather than bike

“For walking tours, we are trying to keep the tours to 3 miles maximum,” Kessler wrote. “We wanted to see more of Mountain View.”

The free neighborhood tour — which has a loose registration limit of about 30 people — is set to run from 10 a.m. to noon. You can register here.


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