Housing authority announces Brewster’s demolition

Cook Inlet Housing Authority will demolish Mountain View’s iconic Brewster’s building in the hopes of attracting new development to the neighborhood, a housing authority spokesman said Monday.

Mark Fineman told the Mountain View Community Council that leveling the aging building could make the lot on the corner of North Bragaw Street and Richmond Avenue more desirable for future investors. The housing authority is currently developing nine homes on several empty lots adjacent the former clothing store.

“What we think is going to happen — what we hope — is that after those duplexes, those units are done, and we demolish Brewster’s, we’ll have good luck in attracting a business to want to occupy that space,” Fineman said.

In the past, he said, empty lots near new housing developments have been successful in sparking conversations with potential retail and commercial developers.

The Brewster’s lot currently allows for both commercial and residential development, and community council members suggested building a mixed-use structure that might combine housing with some sort of transportation station. Municipal property records show the existing building was constructed nearly half a century ago, and CIHA said it’s too outdated and unsafe for use.

At Monday’s meeting, most people didn’t seem to mind and the council ultimately passed a resolution in support of the demolition.

“I think the current building is kind of an eyesore, so I don’t think we’ll be losing anything,” said former MVCC President Don Crandell.

While Fineman said there are no solid plans for redevelopment on the corner lot, the housing authority believes demolishing Brewster’s could pave the way for something new.

“We have high hopes,” he said.


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