Mural brings new life to Lions Park

At the Mountain View Lions Park, a new mural is transforming the face of one of the park’s most familiar structures.

Caitlin Taylor, Elora Libal and Carie Navio spent several hours Sunday afternoon making progress on a larger-than-life painting and new sign for the side of the old Snack Shack. The two-story building next to the little league fields will soon bear both a new name and a multicolored mural of a pitcher in motion.

Taylor, an intern at the Anchorage Community Land Trust, came up with the original design for the mural and has been working to complete it with the help of her friends and paint donated by Home Depot. While sporadic bouts of wet weather and hectic summer schedules sometimes made for slow progress, she said they hoped to complete the art by Monday.

Creating the mural involved painting individual, multicolored areas across the wall’s fresh base coat, then filling in the rest of the pitcher’s outline in black. The sharp contrast pops against the building’s vibrant blue side.

There’s also a new sign painted across the wall — The Snack Lane.

Radhika Krishna, a community development associate with ACLT, said the building has been renamed to honor longtime Lions Club volunteer Linda Lane.

Underneath the new sign is a swath of wall freshly covered with slate paint — an outdoor chalkboard perfect for the concession stand’s summer menu. There’s some extra paint left over from the project, and Krishna said it’ll go toward resurfacing an adjacent shed.

By the end of the summer, the neighborhood park will look a little brighter.


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