First Friday: Dec. 5

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A December First Friday reception at the Mountain View studio of Linda Infante Lyons featured work by Lyons, Graham Dane and Cheryl Gibbs Lyon. Lyons, who’s  worked in Mountain View for several years now, spoke about her art, the neighborhood and things that inspire her.

Mountain View Post: Tell me a little bit about what’s on display today — is this new work?

Linda Infante Lyons: Yeah, this is all new work. Some of it, you know, is working on smaller pieces. I’ve had, every December or November, a show with a friend or another artist — smaller works, just encouraging holiday purchases for art; you know, that people buy art as a gift.

Post: Is that a big thing for you? How important is this time of year?

Lyons: I wouldn’t say that people necessarily buy a lot of art during the holidays, but it’s something that we’re trying to encourage. Giving art — not everyone always thinks of giving art as a holiday gift. So, things that are maybe smaller and a little more economical. I think it’s really good to encourage people to feel like a collector. Buying art is a big thing, it’s a big step, and I find that a lot of people start with a small piece, they get excited, they feel that they identify with the piece, and they’re interested in art in general.

Post: What’s your take on Mountain View’s current neighborhood art scene?

Lyons: I think the climate now is good; I think the economic climate is good. Interest in art in Anchorage, in general, is very, very good, so I think we’re on the right path. Mountain View is getting more known for its diversity — the most diverse neighborhood in the country, which is pretty amazing.

Post: For you as an artist, does that play in to your work?

Lyons: It doesn’t play into my work, but it does make me feel at home. I’ve travelled a lot, I lived in South America for a long time; I just got back from Cuba, I was in Europe. I really like to know that there are other cultures that I’m living with, and the possibility of getting to know them.


Infante Lyons Studio is located at 3701 Mountain View Dr.








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  1. Great slide show! I’m visiting her gallery for sure! Keep up the great work Mrs. Swann. It’s very nice to read uplifting stories. The rest of the press can troll for bottom feeders.


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