Capital requests: The list

Here’s the proposed list of state capital budget requests up for a vote at Monday’s Mountain View Community Council meeting. What do you think? Contact Daniel George, MVCC president, with comments or questions:

Mountain View Drive Pedestrian Lighting Improvements – Taylor Street to Boniface, Completion of Existing Project Award: Pedestrian Lighting Improvements on Mountain View Drive were funded by the state in FY2014 at $1.0 million.  Pedestrian safety and amenities along Mountain View Drive have long been a top priority for the Council.  Upon meeting with all associated parties (except for some landholders), engineers working with the Municipality and the Council now project costs for this project at $3.1 million in total.  These improvements consist primarily of street lighting, but may also include sidewalk repair and installation. $2,100,000 requested

Mountain View Community Clean-Up: Funding is requested for supplies and other expenses related to the Mountain View Spring Cleanup, an annual event that is essential to the health, safety and well-being of the entire Mountain View community.  Local residents partner with nonprofits and private organizations to donate thousands of hours of hard work in cleaning up the neighborhood. The effort is more than just a beautification effort–the volunteers remove over 200 tons of potentially hazardous material, ranging from toxic waste and biohazards to broken glass, rusty metal, and old refrigerators from areas where children play and members of the community recreate.  The Mountain View Clean-up gives people pride and a sense of ownership in the well-being of their neighborhood.  These funds would be used to pay for any materials or services necessary to make the cleanup a safe and successful endeavor. $15,000 requested

Mountain View Community Patrol: Funds would be used to support the activities of the all-volunteer Mountain View Community Patrol and could include the purchase of fuel cards for patrol vehicles, safety equipment and supplies, the purchase of communications equipment and supplies, the repair of patrol-owned vehicles, and to educate the public about crime and crime prevention.  Funds would also be eligible to be used for Neighborhood Watch and other public safety activities. $5,000 requested

“Welcome to Mountain View” Gateway Signage: Funding is requested to refurbish the old “Mountain View Neighborhood of the Year” signs as well as to design, construct and install new “Welcome to Mountain View” signs or gateway pieces that signify that visitors have entered Mountain View.  Similar features are seen in communities such as Rogers Park and Fairview.  Signs / gateway pieces would be installed at the major entry-ways in to Mountain View. $400,000 requested

Pedestrian Crossing Improvements at North McCarrey and Mountain View Drive, Completion of Partially-Funded Project: Pedestrians, especially children, headed to Davis Park and Mountain View Lions Park are in need of a safe crossing option at the intersection of North McCarrey and Mountain View Drive. This project will complete construction of improvements at this intersection.  Improvements are expected to include pedestrian crossings, a roundabout, and adjoining pedestrian facilities.

$1.1 million in state capital funding was obtained in 2012.  Community input has been collected, and engineering design work is at 65% complete. $2,000,000 requested for project completion

Anchorage Community Land Trust  – Blighted, Deteriorated, and Vacant Property Acquisition and Improvement in Mountain View: Removal or renovation of blighted and deteriorated buildings, remediation of contaminated sites along Mountain View Drive, acquisition of property, property and building improvement for development in conjunction with the goals of establishing a viable commercial corridor in Mountain View that enhances commerce and benefits the residents of the community.  Project funds will also be used for repairs and site work, façade improvements and the removal and improvement of other dilapidation, decay and urban blight in the Mountain View area.

The Anchorage Community Land Trust requests funds to support efforts to acquire and renovate blighted, deteriorated and vacant property in the Mountain View neighborhood and hold for development in conjunction with the wishes of Mountain View residents.  Additional support for the efforts of the ACLT has come from Rasmuson Foundation, Wells Fargo, Ford Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Municipality of Anchorage, AHFC, ConocoPhillips, BP, Chevron, US Department of Commerce – Economic Development Administration, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Cook Inlet Housing Authority and many others.

The Council supports these activities as having made major improvements to the community’s commercial properties that have attracted new business and investment.  ACLT works to improve the quality of life for residents by creating a more economically viable neighborhood with important and necessary services. ACLT works in Mountain View real estate in order to attract new and private investment in to projects in the under-developed Mountain View community. New businesses are joining the Mountain View community due to the re-established market opportunity in part created by ACLT’s targeted investment in the area. $750,000 requested

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