Janie’s Garden

Even after the trees in Mountain View Lions Park turned yellow and the leaves began to fall, Janie’s Garden stayed in bloom.

The patch of flowers planted alongside the Lions’ Den is dedicated to Jane Longacre, a member of the Lions Lady Auxiliary who died last year at the age of 84. Longacre was an Alaskan pioneer and businesswoman, and Belle Johnson’s friend for somewhere around 50 years.

Now Johnson, 85, is one of the few remaining members of the Mountain View Lions Lady Auxiliary. It’s the last Lions auxiliary in the country, she says.

“We’re just a bunch of hard-heads,” Johnson said. “We enjoy what we’re doing, and we don’t need to answer to someone else.”

But everyone answers to time. The Lions’ Den is surrounded by dedications to past members — a pavilion for Ricky, a rock for Catherine, a rose garden for June. And along the eastern edge of the building, another patch of flowers for Jane, who spent hours in the garden.

“She loved flowers,” Johnson said. “I just really miss her.”


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