These are the top police calls in Mountain View

The police officers parked down the street are most likely investigating a disturbance or conducting a follow-up interview.

Those are some of the most frequent calls for service in Mountain View, according to data from the Anchorage Police Department. Calls about public inebriates, parking problems and suspicious circumstances are also high on the list.

One important distinction: A call for service doesn’t mean that a crime was actually committed, said APD spokeswoman Jennifer Castro. Not every call for service results in a police report. The numbers aren’t official crime statistics, just the number of times officers were called to the neighborhood.

Between 2009 and 2013, these were the most common calls for service in Mountain View — in order — according to APD. 

  1. Traffic stop – (average 2,981 calls per year)
  2. Disturbance – (average 1,906 calls per year)
  3. Follow up – (average 1,077 calls per year)
  4. Drunk problems & transport – (average 926 calls per year)
  5. Field interview – (average 862 calls per year)
  6. Welfare check – (average 720 calls per year)
  7. Warrant service – (average 516 calls per year)
  8. Parking problem – (average 488 calls per year)
  9. General locate – (average 416 calls per year)
  10. Suspicious circumstances – ( average 415 calls per year)
  11. Theft – (average 380 calls per year)


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