New playground, pathway planned for Duldida Park

Mountain View’s smallest park is down for an upgrade.

The Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department is making plans for a $271,000 renovation at Duldida Park, the half-acre green space at the corner of Thompson Avenue and North Hoyt Street. Additions to the park could include new playground equipment, a new pathway, turf and room for “swinging, sliding and climbing,” park planner Taylor Keegan told members of the Mountain View Community Council Monday. The improvements would focus on making the park more accessible for those with limited mobility.

“We’re trying to appeal to a larger, more diverse group,” Keegan said. 

The last playground update was in 2001, she said. A 2008 report card issued by the Anchorage Park Foundation gave Duldida a failing grade, based on the dissatisfied reviews of students from Mountain View Elementary School. The upcoming renovations should help change that, Keegan said.

The parks department worked with the Anchorage Park Foundation to raise the money for the project; a private donor contributed $90,000 to the effort. 

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  1. That’s a very nice donation. I’m sure that that money, coupled with volunteer labor from the parents in the area, will bring the park up to the expectations of the local elementary students. Leave the other $181,000 in the wallets of those who worked for it.


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