The backyard business of raspberries

The berries grow lush in Ted Stumo’s Mountain View yard, thickest by the back fence, right next to the alley.

Using a simple recipe and an old family skill, he turns those backyard berries to jelly.

“My dad was a Depression baby,” he said. “So you save everything, you go out and you pick everything from the wilderness.”

For a while, he just gave the raspberry jelly away. Now he sells it at the Mountain View Farmers Market and the Muldoon Farmers Market and, maybe soon, the Northway Mall. He went into business just this year, he says.


It’s steady. He can sell up to $250 worth of jelly at a single market, he says. His setup is simple: His sign is made from cardboard, and he works out of the back of his pickup truck, offering samples to passersby. Many stay to buy. The berries in the jar were hanging from the bush less than 24 hours before, Stumo says.

The flavor is tart, sweet and heady — the taste of sunshine and summer and overgrown local backyards. Raised in Wisconsin, Stumo has lived in Mountain View for about 10 years now.

So you can take his word for it: We have some good raspberries around here.

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  1. Ted is a very nice man who we met at the Mountain View Farmer’s Market, and his jelly is delicious! I bought a few jars and I’m working on the last one. I look forward to buying more.

  2. Ted and I are cousins and I remember as kids picking buckets of huge raspberries on his parents property…his mom made awesome pies from those berries so I can believe his jelly is amazing!!!


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