Mountain View Drive roundabout plans scrapped

After half a million dollars worth of engineering and design work and more than two years of public meetings, controversial plans for a roundabout near Mountain View Lions Park are off the table.  

Mountain View Community Council officials announced the change of course at the November council meeting. It was a matter of money and logistics and popular opinion: Designing the roundabout already cost about half of the $1.1 million state appropriation granted in 2012. Constructing the roundabout could take another several million dollars. A necessary easement at the southeast corner of the intersection could take several more years to acquire from the U.S. Department of Defense. 

The proposed new solution for the intersection of Mountain View Drive and McCarrey Street? Instead of a roundabout, crosswalks.

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  1. Although I’m glad to see we’re not spending millions on some pointless circle for snow plows to tear up, it seems like we are becoming a nation of AmeriCAN’Ts rather than AmeriCANs. Years to get an easement from the Gov’t for an area not even used by them? Sad.


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