What happens when it snows in Mountain View

More than six inches of snow fell on Mountain View over the weekend, blanketing the streets and the sidewalks and all the busted cars in driveways and front yards and apartment complex parking lots.

When that much snow piles up on Mountain View sidewalks, pedestrians move into the streets. 

The Municipality of Anchorage clears some sidewalks in Mountain View, but not all. On North Bragaw Street — a main artery lined with bus stops, churches, apartments and a museum — the sidewalks are never plowed. In fact, city plows clear just two north/south-running sidewalks in the entire neighborhood.

So people take things into their own hands. People on foot maneuver wheelchairs and baby strollers through tire tracks in the snow. Drivers swing wide to pass people walking in the street. On Monday morning, a man at the end of Irwin Street said he’s fed up with the way city plows heap all this snow onto the sidewalk, something he’d heard called “sidewalk storage.” Armed with a shovel, he pushed it back out into the road.

“If they ask me what I’m doing, I’ll call it street storage,” he said.

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