Council seeks funding for neighborhood projects

Street lights, park upgrades, alley paving and library improvements all made a capital project wishlist supported by the Mountain View Community Council this month.

The resolution, passed 10-0 at the council’s Feb. 12 meeting, encouraged state and local officials to fully fund seven neighborhood projects totaling more than $2.5 million dollars. Some projects are ongoing; some are new. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Improved pedestrian lighting along Mountain View Drive between Taylor, a project first funded four years ago. Cost: $2.1 million – $3 million
  • Refuse hauling, equipment and related expenses supporting the Mountain View Community Cleanup, a volunteer-led effort that removes more than 100 tons of trash from neighborhood streets and alleys every spring. Cost: $8,000
  • Alley paving and clearing throughout the neighborhood, a project started in 2015. Nearly two dozen Mountain View alleys have been paved since then, but there are still a few more to go. Cost: $500,000, or to completion
  • Design and construction of amenities prioritized in the Davis Park Master Plan, which include everything from toilet facilities to trail maps to bear-proof trash cans, expanded community gardens, a disc golf course and skate park. Read the whole plan here.  Cost: TBD
  • Planning and construction of a new playground at William B. Lyons Park behind the Mountain View Boys & Girls Club, replacing the playground removed from the park in 2011. Cost: TBD
  • Security cameras at the Mountain View Neighborhood Library. Cost: TBD

Alaska state legislators in Juneau are expected to hear public testimony on the state budget beginning this week, while the Municipality of Anchorage begins developing its Capital Improvement Program in the spring.

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