Ballot Box Bash celebrates municipal election

A crowd gathers at a Ballot Box Bash at the Mountain View Neighborhood Library March 23, 2018. Featuring games, s’mores and information about the voting process, the evening event encouraged participation in the first-ever vote-by-mail municipal election.

Registered voters can return their ballots by mail through April 3, drop them at a secure ballot box (like the one in front of Clark Middle School), or vote in person at Anchorage City Hall, the Loussac Library, the municipal election center at 619 E. Ship Creek, the Eagle River Town Center or O’Malley’s on the Green in South Anchorage.

Families and event organizers pose for a photo in front of the ballot box at Clark Middle School. Friday’s event was organized by the Alaska Center in partnership with the Anchorage Community Land Trust and Mountain View Hope Covenant Church.

Shirleen London votes with her son, Thaddeus, during a Ballot Box Bash event in Mountain View March 23, 2018.

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