Mountain View voter turnout declines

Fewer than 20 percent of Mountain View voters participated in the November 2018 general election, according to the Alaska Division of Elections.

The numbers marked the lowest local turnout rate for a statewide election in more than a decade.

Unofficial election results show Mountain View voters re-elected incumbent Democratic Rep. Geran Tarr, and favored Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Begich over Republican Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy. Neighborhood voters also opposed Proposition 1 — which would have created new fish habitat protections — by a narrow margin.

The declining voter turnout belied the various local get-out-the-vote efforts preceding the election. Nonprofits organized door-to-door canvassing throughout Mountain View, and events to drive civic engagement. Candidates staged town hall meetings and meet-and-greets. By the time the polls closed Nov. 6, though, fewer than 900 people had cast ballots in North Mountain View precincts 19-500 and 19-505.

Click here to see election results.

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  1. What the heck Mt. View?
    With 20% voter turnout, and a roughly equal split on candidates or opinions, about 10% of Mt. View residents are speaking for the other 90%. King George would love it.


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