Mountain View in 2020

Afternoon sunlight shines through a frost-covered fence at Davis Park on Jan. 19, 2020.

While this blog lay mostly dormant last year, Mountain View buzzed with life.

The newly renovated Ch’anikna Commons opened its doors down the street, welcoming new tenants to the remodeled block just north of the Mountain View Community Center. Inside the community center, Anchorage youth launched Project Marys Rose, and brought teens together around a shared love of sports, music, art, creativity and community. Grow North Farm continued to blossom along Mountain View Drive, cultivating fresh produce and neighborhood entrepreneurship across the street from Clark Middle School.

Some local businesses closed; others put down roots. Some things changed, others stayed the same — the Red Apple parking lot is still busiest on bingo nights — and life goes on.

My New Year’s resolution is to write about more of it. There’s so much. Bookmark this blog to follow along.

Have a neighborhood news tip, story idea or suggestion? Contact me via the form below, or call me: 907-538-4879.

– Kirsten Swann (editor)


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