New housing, parking projects break ground

Work has begun on several construction projects around Mountain View, including new single-family housing on Price Street.

Cook Inlet Housing Authority is developing several new residences on a vacant lot across the street from Lyons Park, New Hope Baptist Church and the Mountain View Community Center. Price Street will be closed intermittently between Peterkin and Thompson Avenue while Davis Constructors completes road and utility work, according to the Public Works Department.

The road is expected to reopen by May 29.Road Closed

Permits posted at the construction site describe several new duplexes with garages. The housing authority said it plans to build eight more duplexes and a single-family home on nine lots on Richmond Avenue this summer.

Several blocks away, the parking lot at the Alaska Museum of Science and Nature is also undergoing construction work. Museum staff said the lot is temporarily closed for renovation work, and visitors can park along the street or in the Brewster’s lot.


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