This ballot measure could give Mountain View another representative on the Anchorage Assembly

A measure on the municipal ballot in April aims to add an additional seat to the Anchorage Assembly, doubling the number of members representing Mountain View and a nearby neighborhoods.

Proposition 12 would amend Anchorage municipal code to require 12 Assembly members, with two representing each of the city’s six districts. Currently, there are 11 members, with two members representing every district but one — District One, the area encompassing Mountain View, Fairview, South Addition, Downtown and Government Hill. This district is also smaller. Proposition 12 would expand it, balancing it with the other Anchorage districts.

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Proponents of the change call it a matter of equal representation. Local lawmakers and voters have discussed the issue for years.

Anchorage voters can weigh in on the latest proposal beginning next month: ballot packages for this year’s vote-by-mail municipal election are scheduled for distribution beginning March 17.

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